how to train your dog

When a new member arrives at our home, then he/she needs proper training to behave well. Every household has some unique rules, and we train new arrival according to that rules.

The Same procedure is applicable for a dog also. When you bring a dog to your home, you should mold that dog according to your household and train him how to behave well.

By nature, dogs want a command from you and always try to please you. However, if you do not give proper training, it cannot understand what you expect from it.

You may want that your dog performs efficient manners during its life. However, those are not compulsory. However, every dog should show some fundamental ways. For this, a dog needs proper training.

I will show you how to train a dog to perform well

Choose a dog according to your household as well as your lifestyle

dog taining tips

Not every dog is perfect for your way of life. Suppose you are calm by nature then Jack Russell Terrier does not fit for you as it is a highly energetic dog and it makes noise due to its constant barking nature. You can bring bulldog to your home as it likes to cuddle on the sofa or divan at all times. Before buying a dog, you should research on the various performance of the dogs, and you need to know what kind of care requirements a dog or a breed expect from you.

Select a specific name for your dog

You should give a particular name of your dog. The name must have a clear sound and should be understood by the dog. You should call your dog by its name while you play with it, patting it or when you try to grab it attention. If the dog looks at your face while you call him by his name, that means it now recognizes the name.

Need to spend enough time for training

We all know “Practice makes men perfect.” Though “Men“ is used in the proverb, but is it true for every creature in the world. However, human beings can practice themselves, but other animals need the help of people. So when you train a dog, you need to manage enough time for that training. Dogs get tired easily, and they cannot attain a work for an extended time. Therefore, you need to maintain at least 15 through 20mins from your daily schedule and give proper training to your dog.

Keep aside your personal problem while you train a dog

While you train a dog, you should be focused and calm. Any disturbance and anticipations may change your behavior towards the dog, and it may distract you from the training. Your dog will be negatively affected due to your distraction. So you should organize your mental state for dog training purpose.


End a training session with a positive note

Every day we will not complete a dog training session successfully. Sometimes your dog can’t understand your commands. But after finishing every training session, try to make your dog feel that he has done a good job. This makes him happy, and next time he will join your training session happily.

Final Words

Above are the basic ways to train a dog. Please share your strategy about how to teach a dog. It can be helpful for our readers.



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